Ruggies Reusable Rug Grippers Prevent Slips and Trips

Ruggies Rug Grippers As Seen On TV

ruggies as seen on tv
Ruggies are reusable rug grippers that keep rugs and mats in place. Helpful for preventing slips and trips. Ruggies are very easy to use you just press and stick.

Ruggies are the easiest way to prevent slips and trips on area rugs and keep your rugs looking neat and tidy.

Why should you buy ruggies?

They grip tight so rugs don’t slip
Just press & stick on hard flooring & even carpeting
Tacky Grip Polymer Technology grips the rug, while hundreds of suction pockets grip the floor
Reusable – just wash with soap and water
Won’t leave a sticky residue or damage your floor

Just press onto hard flooring or carpet to keep rugs in place. Ruggies are strong enough to hold rugs even when you vacuum. Ruggies are reusable. If they ever lose their grip just simply wash and they are like new again.

Rugs and mats can be found in many homes for decor and to catch dirt from peoples shoes.  Their can be serious problems with rugs and mats  they can slip or cause people to trip people, which can cause serious injury. Ruggies can be very helpful to solve these issues.

Ruggies are reusable rubber grips shaped like a triangle, which are placed around the edges or corners of any rug or carpeting. The tacky grip polymer technology incorporated in the Ruggies grips holds the rug in place, while hundreds of suction pockets underneath grip the floor. Since it doesn’t use any glue, it will not damage the floor, and can be washed and reused.

 Buy Ruggies

Buy Ruggies Rug Grippers

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