Scalp Med Shampoo Grow Your Own Hair Back

Win the Battle Against Hair Loss

Grow your own hair back without surgery. Scalp Med has developed unique formulas for men and women to achieve maximum effectiveness. This product is for both Men and woman and special formulas for each.

Vitalize Hair Growth System

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Scalp Med works under your skin, in the follicle where the root of the problem. With Scalp Med products your hair is revitalized at the bulb and new healthy hair starts to grow in.

Give Scalp Med a try and watch how your hair grows back and can even grow in more fuller and thicker!

A healthy scalp is so important for healthy hair.

ScalpMed’s Specially designed shampoo infuses your hair and scalp with proven ingredients to help your hair look its absolute best. Get thicker, longer, and healthier hair than you can imagine.

Scalp Med Secret Hair Loss Treatment 

Pattern baldness can mainly be  do to genetics predisposition of one’s hair follicles on predetermined sections of the scalp, becoming susceptible to the hormone DHT. As you approach a genetically predetermined age, there can be a gradual constriction of the blood flow to the hair bulb. This can weaken the hair causing it to fall off and detach often very prematurely. Any new hair that manages to come in can be weaker and thinner. This cycle continues to eventually the hair stops growing in all together.


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