Scentos Fun Scented Markers and Pens Kids Love!

Scentos Fruit Scented Pens, Markers & Highlighters

scentos scented markers

Scentos are the scented markers, highlighters and even pens that combine delicious fruit scents with fun vibrant eye popping colors.

It’s time to take coloring to the next level instead of standard plain markers use scentos!

You will get crazy shaped markers, highlighters and pens. The writing utensils are unique mega juicy scents and vibrant colors in each. A total of 75 pieces. The markers have a fat tip and the highlighters have a chisel tip. In this as seen on tv craft kit you will also recieve glitter glue tubes, fun stationery, letter sheets, envelopes, stickers and a giant floor poster.

Most kids love to draw and their creativity comes out. Drawing can keep your child busy for hours and it is a nice calming activity. Drawing is perfect on rainy days, long trips in the car, or just about any time or anywhere.


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