Schticky Lint Rollers – Original, Mini & Giant Sticky Cleaners

Schticky Lint Roller

Check out the original schticky lint roller. Great for cleaning, lint, dust, hair and more from furniture, carpets, clothes and curtains. Clean your house with the reusable sticky cleaner lint rollers.

Clean you home quickly with the schticky lint roller. Includes regular, mini and large size with telescopic handle & broom! The sham wow and slap chop guy Vince Offer now promotes The Schticky.

The sticky roller works on fabrics from wool to velvet
The Schticky can do multiple surfaces
It picks up pet hair from clothes or from the sofa
This sticky lint roller is great for cobwebs, curtains or other hard to reach places
Its slippery when wet and sticky when dry
The Schticky is a great picker upper!

The schticky works on just about all fabrics from wool to velvet. Stop wasting money on paper lint rollers when you can buy the schticky reusable roller.

Keeps clothes, carpets, furniture and draperies free of dust, lint, fuzz, dirt, pet hair, and much more…

Schticky Lint Roller 3 Sizes Original, Mini & Giant Cleaners
The Schticky roller removes big messes quicky, easily, and efficiently. Its unique design means no more having to buy expensive paper tape refills. After you use it smply rinse in warm water and tuck it away until next time.

You never have to buy refills with The Schticky Lint Roller.


Schticky comes in a set of 3 convenient sizes.

The Mini-Schticky is small enough to take anywhere, ideal for last minute touch ups and is collapsable for easy travel. Great size to fit right in your purse, glove box or other small areas.

The Original Schticky is handy for quick jobs on clothes and upholstery and more.

The Giant Schticky, with has an extendible steel handle, and is a must have for floors and draperies.

Order Schticky Lint Roller

When you order the schticky you get the little schticky. You are gonna like the little schticky, but you will love the big schticky which you get FREE.

That’s right you get 3 schtickys. Offer not available in stores.







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