Scratch Aide Wood Scratch Remover and Mender

Scratch Aide Wood Mender As Seen On TV

Scratch Aide is the best solution for all those wood scratches on your floors and furniture. Scratches quickly go away. You will be amazed as the scratches immediately vanish. Scratch Aid is a super scratch mender.

This wood scratch mender says it can match all sorts of scratches on any type of wood perfectly. It doesn’t matter the wood grain or color light, medium or dark. Scratch Aide television ad claims to do away with scratches easily and quickly.

Your wood scratches should quickly disappear when you use the Scratch Aide product. It is the perfect wood repair product to beat almost any type of scratches. This wood mender goes on nice and clear and should absorb the existing stain color making it much easier to get the perfect match so the scratch instantly goes away. Scratch Aide is great for so many wood products including dining room tables, coffee tables, end tables, hutches, bedroom furniture, hardwood floors, wood doors, kitchen cabinets, stairs and so much more. Why get stuck spending hundreds even thousands of dollars on repairs or replacements? Scratch Aid can conceal and seal just about any cracks, scratch or gouges on any color of wood.

Dutch Glow Scratch Aide Unique Features & Benefits:
It goes on clear as well as takes in the already existing tarnish shade making scratches quickly vanish. Apply to  wood floorings, cooking area cabinets, timber doors, dining tables and also various other wooden items. This wood Scratch Mender, is the best fit for every scratch in your home in any kind of wood and any kind of shade as well as the butter helps to make scratches and gouges simply vanish!

Scratch Aid is from the makers of Dutch Glow Amish Wood milk cleaner. Dutch Glow the amazing furniture cleaner advertised on television. It brings wood furniture back to life and looking new again.

Scratch Aide repair wood scratches

Scratch Aide is a gentle and a fast effective way to repair scratches on your wood floors and furniture. If you have pets and kids you know how easy it is for your furniture and floors to take a beating. But who can afford to replace wood floors and your furniture every time that a scratch appears. With this scratch repair system from the makers of Dutch Glow you are able to do your own repairs. Save hundreds of dollars doing the repairs yourself.

Scratch Mender

Unless you live in a art gallery or museum, your wood furniture takes a whole lot of hits, causing scratches and divots. Make those nicks and also scratches in your furnishings go away with just a couple of minutes using Scratch Aide. Just follow the directions to make your wood furniture looking new again.

If you have wood you got scratches. Don’t use those crayons and markers that can be hard to match up to your existing wood color. Scratch Aid works on all color woods, light, medium or dark.

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