Shake Weight Dumbell

Shake Weight

Shake Weight – Get Lean, Sculpted Arms & Shoulders. Tired of traditional weights? Increase your upper body muscle in just 6 minutes a day. The Shake Weight is the revolutionary new way to shape and tone your arms.


Based on a new workout technology called Dynamic Inertia, which ignites the muscles in your arms, shoulders, and chest.

The Shake Weight is the revolutionary new way to shape and tone your arms, and it is designed specifically for women. The Upper Body Toning Workout DVD is designed so you get the best workout possible with the ShakeWeight!

Works out your arms, shoulders and chest in just 6 minutes a day with the shake weight. You will feel it instantly.

An Independent Scientific Study shows that the Shake Weight causes more EMG activity than the traditional dumbbells of the same weight. This is a result of the unique motion of the exercise, isometric contraction of the entire upper body required during use of the Shake Weight and the rapid pace of the muscle fatigue caused by one unique movement.

The shake weight has been seen on The Ellen Show.

Shake Weight Dumbbell



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