Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and Hardwood Floor Cleaner

Shark Sonic Duo Carpet and also Hard Floor Cleaner

The Shark Duo Floor Cleaner effortlessly goes from deep cleansing carpets to scrubbing hard floorings without the demand of several equipments or attachments. Features 2 scrub method with 1000 scrubs per min for virtually any kind of floor surface. The non-toxic, gentle cleansing fluids are safe for household and dog and cats.

Just what are a few of the most effective features for the Shark Duo? It utilizes airglide maneuverability making use of cleanable, microfiber pads and has swivel head stearing and head lights for very easy cleaning. Making use of the shark cleansing pads as well as solutions so you can keep your floorings very  tidy and they should look new once again!

Shark Sonic Scrubber Cleaner

The Shark Sonic Duo assures a fast, effective, and also simple means to get rid of stuck on filth that holds irritants & odors in your carpets, area rugs, and also hardwood floors. It is a Complete Floor Care System that takes care of, cleans, and finishes all tough floor surfaces including carpets. The Shark Sonic Duo possesses two scrub modes that permit you to further tailor your cleaning process to your distinct floor treatment needs. For the first time ever you could have an effective cleaner that breaks apart stuck-on filth and also gunk, but is also gentle, safe as well as non-toxic around your animals and children. You will have a fun and very easy way to cleanse your floors with the power of two rubbing heads that do the work for you. The Sonic Duo does all of the hard work to ensure that you do not need to. Quit scrubbing your floorings and let the power of Shark’s innovative Sonic Duo do it for you.

Shark Sonic Duo

Shark Carpet Cleaner As Seen On TV

Carpets & area rugs are invigorated as well as left looking cleaner and brighter, and also smell fresher. This shark carpet cleaner gets your carpets genuinely clean. The Sonic Duo first eliminates the noticeable dirt on the surface of the carpeting, then, the carpet option with trap & remove the stuck on dirt down deep into the fibers. As the fluid dries out, it dries out the stuck on dust– unlocking it from the fibers, so it is conveniently vacuumed away. Carpetings are left cleaner and smelling great.

Shark Hardwood Floor Cleaner As Seen On TV

Tough Floors are deep washed and also are entrusted a beautiful non-streak finish with no dulling residue. To get your Hard Floors absolutely clean, the sonic action and specifically developed cleansing solution collaborate with the pad to get rid of the dirt– also seeps down into the cracks.

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Shark Duo Solutions and Pads


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