Sheer Cover Mineral Organic Makeup Introductory Kit

 Sheer Cover – Mineral Makeup

Sheer Cover

The unique formula of Sheer Cover base is organic looking make-up made to deliver impeccable coverage to help camouflage fine lines, unequal tone, dark areas, acne scars and additional imperfections. Easy to make use of, Sheer Cover functions as a 3 in 1 formula foundation, finishing particle, and anti-aging security to provide you a radiant, weightless finish with remaining power.

How to Use Sheer Cover’s Makeup System

All Day Beauty
To use your makeup, plunge your sweeper in to the minerals and tap them into the sweeper.
Relocating your sweeper in round movements, beginning at the beyond the face, clean the minerals on, gradually persuading your forehead, nose, eyes, jaw and apply more down by means of your neckline.

The special formula of Sheer Cover foundation is actually natural looking cosmetics designed to give impeccable protection to aid camouflage damages lines, wrinkles mood, black spots, acne breakouts marks and also some other problems. Simple to use, Sheer Cover represents a 3-in-1 formula– groundwork, ending grain, as well as anti-aging protection-to present you a radiant, slight finish with keeping strength.

Sheer Cover makeup can easily be made use of on your hands, neck, and face. The remaining power of minerals is so terrific that you hardly ever need a patch up during the day. Sheer Cover minerals are very concentrated with 100 % pure mineral pigments. Begin administering your makeup with merely a little bit of and layer if you require more protection.

The Sheer Cover Secret Blend is now your key.
Sheer Cover foundation consists of 100 % pure minerals with NO oils, fragrance, dyes or talcs, so it’s created to be gentle and non-irritating also for sensitive skin. This exclusive formula also includes anti-oxidants made to help guard your skin from destructive free of cost radicals, assisting to maintain it looking natural and healthy and balanced. Normal looking make-up just never looked so great!

Best Reasons to Buy Sheer Cover
Stunning Complexion
Contains 100 % pure minerals
Includes skin-soothing botanicals
Infused with antioxidant environment-friendly tea
Minimizes the appearance of pores
Leaves skin looking smoother and softer
True Shade Technology permits a spotless colour match
Assists to alleviate inflammation and redness
Great for all skin kinds and tones

See the magic of mineral makeup with Sheer Cover products.

Sheer Cover Introductory kit, Light Shade, Medium Shade, Tan Shade, Dark Shade – The kit comes with two shades of mineral foundation, a duo concealer, base perfecter primer and kabuki brush and free shipping!

Read What The Celebs are Saying About Sheer Cover

Leeza Gibbons
“Sheer Cover works with your natural skin tone to cover everything from small imperfections, rosacea and acne to scarring and pregnancy marks.”

Emily Proctor – 20 Nov 2009
I cannot believe how well Sheer Cover covers. The coverage is so incredible, and yet you could still see my skin. It is amazing.”

LeAnn Rimes
“With Sheer Cover, I found something that’s like a magic wand that just kind of brushes everything away.”


Sheer Cover Cosmeticss



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