Shmoozee Plush Toy and Earring Holder

Shmoozee Ear Resistable Charm Holder Plus Toy

Add your very own accessories to Shmoozee ear resistible ears. Glam em up with Ear Resistible charms that pop or turn them into fluffy trendy symbols! When you turn out the lights your Shmoozees glow-in-the-dark!

shmoozees with cute ears and ear ring holder

You will  Luv Shmoozees they are fashionable deluxe icons with Ear Resistible ears and eyes that glow in the dark. Shmoozees can be used as a trendy earring storage to keep jewelry organized and easy to access with flair. Create a unique looking Shmoozee by embellishing them with a variety of style add-ons such as bows, skirts, and their Ear Resistible charms.

Have more fun with your Shmoozee online at Play music in the Shmoozee Room while strolling around. Shmoozees are squeezably soft and so extravagant.

Shmoozee is a charming plush critter that are delighted by all. Shmoozees are a brand new line of wonderful plush products which have beautiful ears and eyes. The ears are excellent for storing several pairs of earrings.

Shmoozees comes in six different color characters, all with glow-in-the dark ears and eyes and you can even brush their hair. You get to decorate their ears with included charms or earrings! Each Shmoozees can hold many pairs of earrings or charms which makes it easy for your child keep their jewelry organized.

When you order online, you also get access to “Shmoozees World” that is full of fun and games. Its a website just for the kids who own a Shmoozees. The website also helps your child to give their new Shmoozee pal a name.

Which Shmoozee will you pick the wild giraffe, the pretty pink, the cool blue, the funky zebra, the twlight black, or the dreamy purple? You can choose a second Shmoozee free!

Ear Ring Holders

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