Shower Wow Led Rainbow Replacement Showerhead

Shower Wow Replacement Rainbow Showerhead

Shower Wow

Shower Wow can transform any shower head into a rainbow water stream of colors. Enjoy a relaxing hot shower with a rainbow of colors.

The Shower Wow replacement shower head has seven vibrant, colors that fade and is great fun for all ages. Shower Wow is easy and very simple to install, and it should fit on just about any shower head. There are no need for a power source or batteries. The seven amazing LED colors will transition automatically by themselves creating a shower experience that is very relaxing every time. Have your own party in the shower while you wash up.

The Wow Shower Head comes in chrome so they should easily match in with any decor you already have in your bathroom.

Why take a boring old shower when you get have a shower full of color to help lift your spirits and make shower time more fun for you and other family members. Kids are sure to want to shower more when they have the Shower Wow colorful shower head.

So what colors come out of this amazing shower head? You red colors, purple colors, orange colors, blue colors, light blue colors, teal colors and of course green colors.

The showerhead is made from a chrome finish and requires no power or hardware to install. Turn an ordinary shower into a extraordinary wow shower. It is a great experience for all ages.

There are all types of shower heads you can get, but nothing like the Shower Wow. This will truly be a unique showering experience the first time you use it. Your house guests are sure to be surprised when they turn this shower head on.

So just how do you install this fun colorful shower head? It is easy! Just unscrew your existing shower head and remove. Then next screw in the Shower Wow head. Turn on the shower and it will release a water stream of beautiful colors.

Buy Star Shower Wow

Order the Shower Wow and Get a Twinkle Tub Light as a Bonus

(This offer not available in stores.)

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