Side Socket Swivel Surge Protector

Side Socket Electric Power Strip Surge Protector

Side Socket is the incredible swivel surge protector.

Triple your socket space and clear up those cords in your home, garage and office with Side Socket and add the optional surge protector. This 90 degree swiveling surge protector is ideal for using behind hard to reach places.

side socket as seen on tv

Triple your electric socket space and clear those cords in your home, gargare and office with this swivel power strip. The world’s only 90 degree swivel multi plug outlet is ideal for use in hard to reach places.


Check out the before and after picture above. I am sure most of us can relate to this picture. Get more organized with your electrical plugs, especially in those hard to reach areas. Fit your furniture almost flush against the wall with the Side Socket gadget.

The swivel socket outlet comes with optional surge protector to protect your electrical components.

Turn one outlet into six  outlets. Perfect for many rooms in the house, bedrooms, office, garage and more. Go from a jumbled mess to an organized success. The swivel head makes it easy to get to the cords. Now you can push your furniture back closer to the walls without plugged in cords preventing this.

The Side Socket offers 6 outlets for PCs, peripheral devices and all electronics. It has a compact design making it ideal for installations where space is limited. The outlets are arranged in two banks, 3 outlets on each side. The sides can each can be rotated for easier plug connection and removal.

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