SitNCycle Portable Spinning Bike

Sit N Cycle Portable Spin Bike

SitNCycle is a fun, stress-less way to get a great workout while multi-tasking. Exercise on the Sit N Cycle while watching TV, reading a book, talking on the phone and even surfing the web.

Sit N Cycle

While spinning on this portable exercise a few different muscles groups get a nice work out. These may include your  abdominal muscles, thighs, hips and gluteus maximus, your behind. Spinning can really can give you a workout with positive results quickly.

You may burn up to as many as 500 calories per hour. Get in shape no matter how busy you because you can multitask using the SitNCycle. Lose those unwanted pounds and tighten your tummy all while multitasking by doing some of your daily activities while sitting and spinning on the SitNCycle. Because of it’s portable, sleek and compact design you can use in any room. Easily move from upstairs to down stairs or even take with you to your office.

What are the features of the SitNCycle?

Depending on your intensity level you can burn up to 500 calories per hour work out. Don’t worry about comfort because you will be seating on a large soft saddled shaped seat.  The seat provides for safety with a secure locking mechanism on the comfortable seat. The flat large pedals with unique grips help to hold your fett in place also for safety. You can easily adjust the levels of resistance. There are eight levels. Has a beautiful sleek and stylish design and comes in may different colors. The spin bike can be used indoors or outdoors.  The sitNcycle is lightweight coming in at just 34 pounds with wheels so you can roll or carry just about anywhere!

The fitness multi-tasking SitNCyle is great while you talk on the phone, watch tv, read a book and even surf the web.

The sitNcycle is a convenient and even fun way to stay in motion effortlessly and get in the best shape of your life. The sitNcycle is extremely versatility and the core-engaging design makes it the ideal aerobic activity with resistance options ranging from a minimal workout to high powered workout level! Start burning calories throughout your day with minimal effort and this spin exercise machine..

Dorothy Hamill a Olympic Gold Medal Winner for World Champion Figure Skater endorse the sitNcycle by Smooth Fitness & Health!

Get that continuous aerobic workout with your choice of 8 different resistance levels. Plus because of it’s unique hands free design you can do other tasks. Sit by a table and go through your mail, talk on the food and many other tasks. Sit up straight your portable stationary bike so you can strengthen your core while losing weight and burning calories! The advanced engineering of the hands free spinning cycle provides you with a smooth ride while you multi-task talking on the phone, using your ipad or tablet, or just read the newspaper!

Sit N Cycle by Smooth Fitness


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