Skil Secure Grip Wrench Hand Tool

Secure Grip Hand Tool

The Skil Secure Grip is one of the most innovative wrench hand tools on the market today! It  can replace several other hand tools that are out there.

Secure Grip has a total of sixty hardened steel teeth. The teeth”bite” into the bolt as you turn. This creates effortless powerful tightening or loosening. There is no more guessing and stressing. With the Secure Grip you should always have the right wrench because it can be used on many different sizes including 6pt, 12pt, Torx, Spline, Square, and even smooth rounded bolt heads.

Skil Secure Grip Wrenches

So remember there are sixty hardened steel teeth that bite down as you turn. Very easy to turn without tightening. Another great feature of the Secure Grips is that it is super compact and slim. No more wondering if you have the right size tool. With this awesome hand tool you’ll always have the right size tool!

This Secure Grip Skil Wrench 4 piece set is sure to be the just the right tool to add to your box of tools. The special tooth design in these hand tools not only grabs onto ordinary bolts, but also the smooth rounded ones that are typically very difficult to remove and in most cases would need to be sliced off in order to finally be removed.

The Secure Grips work on normal bolts and also stripped bolts. Stripped bolts can be a nightmare to remove, but no longer with these Skil wrenches. The wrenches are self-adjusting and have a universal tooth mechanism.  They are made from a very special laminated heavy duty steel construction and  have a dual material non-slip grip.

SKIL® hand tools are just the right tools perfect for all the do-it-your self people. The right tool can make all the difference in the world. Having the right tool can make the job easier. These secure to hold grip wrenches, are perfectly sized to fit  a wide variety of bolts. Having this tool helps make every home repair job a little less painful. They even grab those hard to remove rounded-off bolts that can’t be gripped by conventional wrenches and sockets, thanks to the adjustable teeth inserts. This means no bolt is out of your grasp.


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