Slap Chop Vince Offer Food Chopper

Slap Chop Vince Offer

With the slap chop dice, chop and mince with just a slap.

Slap Chop As Seen On TV

Slap Chop is a chopper machine that chops food when you slap the plunger. When the plunger is slapped the 3 blades chop, dice and cut food. You can slap once or twice for large cuts or several times for finer cuts. You don’t have to change blades. Get a Graty too! The Graty for cheese has 2 blades, fine and coarse. Place any kind of cheese in the Graty , twist and turn the black top and the cheese comes out grated course or fine, just right for making omelets, pizza, salads, pasta dishes, and tacos. The best part of all clean-up is easy, they are both dish washer safe!

Slap Chop – Dice, Chop & Mince in Seconds. Slap Chop makes chopping up vegetables, nuts and fruits quick and easy. The food gets finer with every slap – you’ll never need to switch the blade. Slap Chop is dishwasher safe making clean up a breeze.

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  1. Carol, MA says:

    I love the commercial with Vince Offer on the slap chop. He makes you feel like you just have to buy a slap chop. So guess what? I ordered one. Looking forward to using the slap chop.

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