Soft Super Cooler and Dry Storage Bag

Soft Super Cooler Bag

Soft Super Cooler

The Super Soft Cooler has dual purposes. The most versatile bag around.  Use as a cooler to keep items like foods and liquid cold or use as a soft padded storage bags.

The Super Soft Cooler bag has a waterproof lining, is easy to carry and is super strong. It holds ice 3 to 5 days in up to 100 degree temperatures! Great for storing electronics, towels, fishing gear and so much more.

The very roomy, super insulated main compartment can be used as a cooler, and because of the waterproof liner, you can also use for dry storage, to hold video equipment, cell phones, tackle or even as carry-on luggage.


The Super Soft Cooler bag comes in four great colors, blue, black, green and red. Get one for every member in the family.

Two removable, zippered, water resistant inside bags easily hold all your dry storage – keys, camera lens, sun glasses or even food or a bottle of wine. The one bag that does it all. Perfect for day trips and over nighters.

The Soft Super Cooler comes in two convent sizes. The Small Soft Super Cooler, normally that holds up to 12-18 drinks and is also a carry-on size and is easier to carry for a smaller person. It’s perfect for a single person going on a short trip or just going to the beach for the day!

The Deluxe Large cooler is great for a large amount of gear and or drinks. It fits a 30 pack or even a mini keg with ice with extra room to spare and is perfect for a family trip. This bag can also be considered a standard official carry-on luggage size and designed to meet most of the air line restrictions for carry-on luggage.


Soft Cooler Bags


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