Stream Clean Odor and Stain Remover Spray

Stream Clean with code yellow


Stream Clean lets you stand up while you blast pet stains and odors away. Merely spray and stream, and your carpeting becomes quite clean. Stream Clean penetrates discolorations and smells to ensure that animals do not re-spray or re-mark, going deep with enzyme action to remove all traces of the mess. Do not let unpleasant spots and destroy the appearance and smell of your carpet.

Stream Clean is so simple to use. It is as effortless as 1,2,3! Merely point and spray while standing, stream and then your carpetings are clean!

blast stains away


Marc Gill blasts stains away standing up!

Just stand and stream, and your carpetings become clean again like new! Stream Clean penetrates spots and smells so that your pets are sure not to  respray and remark, going deep by getting enzyme activity to eliminate all traces of the smelly mess. Use Stream Clean to clean a red wine stain, sauce spills, pet accidents or other messy mishaps!

Could stream clean become the next oxi clean in the cleaning market? Keep your carpets looking and smelling new with this spray can.

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