Style Snaps Hem Solution No Sewing

Style Snaps works can work on jeans, pants, lapels, belts, shirts and much more.

The hem solution style snaps as seen on tv. Style Snaps is the world’s first snap adjustable hem solution and it’s being offered to you as a great way to save on costs of running a family. Style Snaps is so easy to use and its unique adhesive makes them adjustable, reusable and safe on any fabric.

Finally…an adhesive snap hem that allows you to simply SNAP under your long hem for flats & UNSNAP to slip back into heels. You can change your shoes, not your pants, to get the look you want.
Style Snaps are not just for hems.

You can use Style Snaps™ to tame unruly lapels, belts and shirts! Without a stitch. It’s fabric friendly and a cinch to apply.

It just couldn’t be easier!
No sewing, no ironing, no gluing
Make your jeans and dress pants work with every shoe in your closet! Style snaps are great for kids to grow into hand me downs.Style snaps are a fashion necessity!


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  1. k godfrey says:

    OK, so can I use these things to hold bra strap in place with wider neck sweaters? Like, stick it to the sweater, run the bra strap thru between the 2 snaps, or is it mandatory that each 1/2 be stuck to fabric? help?

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