Super Wave Oven By Sharper Image Tri-Cooking

Super Wave Oven by Sharper Image

With the super wave oven cook up to 3x faster. The super wave oven broils, bakes, barbecues, roasts, grills, steams, dehydrates and air fries. It is one super oven.

The secret of the Sharper Image Super Wave Oven is its powerful tri-cooking system. The super wave oven can take the place of many of your kitchen appliances.

First, the halogen heating element sears food, sealing in its natural juices. Next, the infrared light waves cook food from the inside out. Finally, the convection fan quickly rotates the air, cooking the food up to 3x faster than conventional cooking!

This machine completely reinvents how we cook! It uses special Tri-Cooking Technology high-tec lamps to sear the food from the inside out while sealing in the juices!

It cooks up to 3 times faster than a traditional oven, while using up to 80% less energy!Bake, Barbeque, Roast and it even fries. And all so much healthier. Cook healthier and faster meals for your family.

Why defrost? It can even cook frozen food straight from the freezer! No defrosting or preheating needed!Or you can try healthier options like broiling, grilling and steaming-All using the SAME appliance!

This machine uses Halogen heat, convection outside without requiring the use of added fats or oils.
Plus it’s self cleaning so clean up is a breeze!

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