Total Gym GTS Professional Home Elite Gym

Total Gym GTS

Experience the bold look and professional quality of the New Total Gym GTS. This equipment has taken the fitness industry by storm!

The Total Gym GTS new exercise equipment provides a total body, that is very intense workout in just about 30 minutes without the use of using any other additional accessories. It is very easy and quick to transitions between different exercises so that it provides a very fast-paced strength and cardio workout.

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Slendertone Abdominal Muscle Training Belt


Slendertone- As Seen On TV – Flex Abdominal Toning Belt
Use the Flex Abdominal Toning Belt for just 30 minutes a day, five days a week and in as little as four to eight weeks, your abs can be firmer, stronger and more toned.

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Total Gym 30 Day Trial and Free Shipping

Total Gym 30 Day Trial Offer

Total Gym Get a 30 Day Trial for Only $1 and also Get Free Shipping
You can get in the best shape of your life with The Total Gym endorsed by Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. Get healthy and get fit starting today by ordering the Total Gym. Total Gym provides an entire gym full of equipment in just one awesome machine and best of all, it just takes 10 to 20 minutes a day to reshape your body into the body you’ve always dreamed of.

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Rhythm Rocker Exercise Dancing Chair


The Rhythm Rocker’s Seat technology tilts in a full 360 degrees, delivering dual-direction resistance allowing you to advance seamlessly from one core-toning move to the next. Seat on the rhythm rocker and rock it, crunch it and roll it. Dance while seating down and lose weight as you do it.

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Ab Rocket Twister Tighter ABs

AbRocket Twister As Seen On TV

Order the Ab Rocket and get a total ab & oblique wrokout!

Shop for The As Seen On TV Item Ab Rocket Twister. With the ab rocket twister get sexier, tighter, leaner abs in just five minutes a day.

Celebrities that have used the ab rocket twister, include Mel B Celebrity Entertainer and Adam Von Rothfelder Professional MMA Fighter.

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Slim Away The Fat Slimming Abs Waist Belt

Slim Away Waist Belt

Slim Away waist belt can help you to melt the inches away. You can wear this slimming belt and no one will know you are wearing it. Shop for the as seen on tv item slim away.

Wear it while you exercise to help melt away more pounds. This is an amazing weight loss product advertised on television that really works.

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TurboFire with Chalene Johnson Burn Fat


Visit the Official Beachbody Website for Turbofire Cardio Workout!

TurboFire is the intense new cardio conditioning program from fitness innovator Chalene Johnson.

With TurboFire, you’ll work out less than half the time you normally would doing regular cardio and burn up to 9x more fat.

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Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Ultimate Tae Bo Work Out

Billy Blanks 24/7

Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Ultimate Tae Bo Work Out

Feel the results in 24 hours and see the results in only 7 days! Not available in stores!
Results in only 30 minutes a day!

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Orbitrek Elite Elliptical Fat Burning Cardio Machine


Orbitrek Elite Magnetic Elliptical Exercise Machine

Lose weight, tighten and tone all your major muscle groups in just minutes a day. With the orbitrek elite you get 6 DIFFERENT gym exercises all in ONE machine. Giving you Fat Burning Cardio, Muscle Sculpting Resistance, Compact Features and Fast Results.

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Step 360 Total Body Step Aerobic Fitness Workout


The Step360 step aerobics workout is the only program featuring Fast Interval Training. The Step360 is easy, fun to use, and perfect for all fitness levels.

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