Ankle Genie Zipped Compression Sock Boot

Ankle Genie As Seen On TV

Ankle Genie Zip Up Compression Sleeve Limited Time Offer
Ankle Genie helps to energize your feet and ankles. Ankle Genie is made from durable neoprene construction that provides ankle support and can relieve swelling. It features a built-in zipper for easy on-and-off usage.

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Callous Clear for Rough Dry Feet Callus Remover


Callous Clear Special Online Offer for Only $10!
Callus Clear softens and lifts callouses so they peel away to reveal baby soft skin on your feet. Do you get embarrassed by the ugly callouses on your feet? Get the miracle callus removing system that acts as a professional foot treatment, without the expensive salon prices.

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Therassage Insoles That Massages Your Feet

therassage insoles

Therassage insoles are a massage for the sole. Massage for the sole of your feet. The fluid filled insole that provides comfort, stability and durability.

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PedEgg Designer Pedicure Foot File As Seen On TV

The Designer Ped Egg

PedEgg pedicure the ultimate foot file. The PedEgg has over 100 precision micro-files that remove the calluses and dead skin from your feet, leaving you with silky smooth skin.

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Walkfit Platinum Orthotics Walk Fit Insoles

Walkfit Platinum As Seen On TV

WalkFit Platinum Orthotics is the as seen on tv product that has been proven to eliminate posture problems, foot pain and leg pain! In fact, in a scientific study conducted by physicians, this foot care orthotics product helped over 90% of the people tested reduce pain levels in their feet, knees, spine and pelvis.

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