UV Ultra Vac Removes Bugs and Bacteria

With the UV Ultra Vac you can remove over 90% of bed bugs and dust mites from your bed. The UV vacuum also works great on mattresses, sofas, cushions and even carpet.

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Fabriclear Spray Get Rid of Bed Bug

Fabriclear is a safe and non toxic bed bug spray that penetrates fabric deep down to eliminate bed bugs, dust mites, eggs, larvae and more. Fabriclear also helps to stop these pest from returning.

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Shark Steam Pocket Mop

The Shark® Professional Steam Pocket® Mop kills over 99.99% of Bacteria.

The Shark Steam Pocket Mop is perfect for cleaning any floor, any mess, any time. You can get professional cleaning results in your own home with the Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop which features intelligent steam control.

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