Boardwalk Tater Tornado Potato Cutter

Tater Tornado

Make your own potato spiral treats in minutes with the boardwalk tater tornado a fancy potato cutter..

Have you been to the boardwalk and seen those fancy spiral potato snacks? Pretty cool looking, but you thought I wish I could make these tater treats at home. Well now you can with the tater tornado!

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Here are the simple steps using this potato as seen on tv gadget:

Simply insert a skewer through your potato and load it onto your special Potato Tornado unit. Spin away, and in moments, your snack is ready to go. They’re great baked, fried or even fresh!
It’s a potato cutter a ribbon cutter for potatoes and vegetables.
The Boardwalk Tater Tornado is also great with our vegetables, like zucchini, and cucumbers. Have fun creating nutritious treats in minutes.
It’s perfect for families spending time together in the kitchen.

Watch the infomercial with Anthony Sullivan celebrity pitchmen showing off how easy it is to use the tater tornado.”You say potato i say potato.”  Your family and guests will be amazed by your healthy snack treats, perfect for jazzing up the holidays. An Anthony Sullivan approved product.

The twisted snack that will keep everyone coming back. Create fun tater treats for a party. A TV offer full of potato fun. The hottest treats to hit the boardwalk. Fry or back your tater creation. Cut a prefect spiral every time. Coat them in chilly cheese or sour cream. Very flavorful, add a twist to plain old vegetables.

Here is what you get
Tornado Blade

•15 Bamboo Skewers

•Recipe Guide (create yummy treats)

•Curly Q Blade

Prepare your own spiral potato snacks. A great gadget to have in the kitchen. No more need to got to the boardwalk to get these unique treats.


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