T-Core Work Upper and Lower Abs

T Core for Men Abs Machine

T Core will kick your butt in 6 minutes flat. Rock hard ripped washboard abs, you know you want them.  Get the t core for men. The ab work out that revolutionizes the crunch. Gut busting workout. Plugin the tcore and feel your abs ignite.

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The T core has 3 levels of radical resistance design to target your body’s entire core.

40 lbs
80 lbs
120 lbs
Are you ready to get real about what it takes to have a great core? T-Core is the radical new core workout for men that is going to kick your butt in just 6 minutes, guaranteed! Shrink your midsection and build core strength, fast!
You can work your abs in a seated position instead of on the floor.
Works out your upper and lower abs as well as your obliques.

Ordinary crunches can strain your neck and shoulders, but T-Core harnesses the ab flattening muscle burning power in a full range seated crunch.

Works your Upper Abs, Lower Abs and those hard to reach Obliques
Unique swivel pad allows you to move side to side to target obliques
Comes with a 6 minute upper body workout DVD that will hold your core to the fire!
Adjustable bands give you a 40lbs, 80lbs and 120lbs of progressive resistance
Build your core strength. Up to 120 lbs of progressive resistance guaranteed to build stronger.
Upper Abs
Lower Abs

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