Teddy Tank Stuffed Animal Fish Tank

Teddy Tank Stuffed Animal Tummy Storage Plastic Ball

As Seen On TV Teddy Tank – The Lovable Pet You Can Put Your Treasures In

Teddy Tank is a stuffed animal on the outside and inside it’s tummy you can add live fish in the colorful tank made of plastic. Of course the tank is made of shatterproof plastic.

Teddy Tank

You can put other things inside the stuffed animals plastic tummy bowl besides fish. Use it as piggy bank, put toys or candy in it. Put any treasure you want in it. Teddy Tank will make for a great gift to any little one that is special to you.

The stuffed animal that’s also a fish tank. The Teddy Tank is two types of fun in one! There are many Teddy Tanks to choose from. Pick the Playful Monkey, Cute Doggie, Silly Penguin, Magical Unicorn, Fun Frog, Pretty Pig, Sweet Brown Bear, Pearl White Teddy Bear, Honey Brown Teddy Bear, Awesome Elephant, Precious Panda, or Joyful Giraffe. Told you there were a lot of Teddy Tanks to pick from. One is sure to put a smile on your child’s face.

Teddy Tank Fish Bowlteddytankfishbowl

So just how do you get things into the tank, like fish, food or toys?

It is very easy you simple feed your Teddy Tank through the mouth.

If children use it as a fish bowl, it is important that a parent or other adult supervise while the child takes care of the pet. As with other fish tanks it is also important to change the water out. Don’t worry it is super easy to clean because  you can remove the stuffed animal body from the one gallon plastic bowl. Two learn more visit the Official Site for the Teddy Tank!

Who loves the Teddy Tank?
It was featured on Good Morning America as a cool new pet product that makes taking care of fish super fun for kids!

Newsday called Teddy Tank a great addition to any kids’ bedroom.

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