Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table for Back Care

Teeter Hang Ups inversion table offers a relaxing and rejuvenating whole-body decompression solution that helps restore youthful function to your weight-bearing joints so you can move better and feel better.

Gravity inversion table therapy can help relieve back pain.

Teeter Hangups

Target Your Back Pain and Joint Health with The Teeter Hang UP Inversion Table:
• Rehydrates Discs
• Reduces Nerve Pressure
• Realigns Your Spine
• Relaxes Tense Muscles
• Improves Joint Flexibility & Function

Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table

Get Rid of Back Pain with Teeter Hang Ups
Decompress Your Body with Teeter

Teeter Hang Ups – As Seen on TV
You can get rid of back pain with the hang ups.

Hang ups inversion tables have become real popular lately. They help reduce pain and to release tension and also stress. You can come home from a stressful day at the office and get on a teeter to help unwind and calm your body down.

Relax and enjoy the deep stretch that only inversion therapy offers. You’ll find natural relief in the convenience of your own home, in only a few minutes a day!
Using The Teeter HangUps is fun and easy.

An Evolution in Back Care: Relieve Back Pain, Improve Joint Health, Build & Tone Muscle, and Increase Flexibility.

Set your height, secure your ankles and relax – you control the rate and angle of rotation

Benefits start at a gentle 20° – achieve full decompression at 60°

Ideal for the whole family – supplement a workout with ab exercises, or to simply relax after a stressful day

Inversion works! A study using Teeter equipment reported a 70.5% reduction in back surgery

Built for the benefits, including patented Flex Technology and precision-balancing features

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