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Telebrands is one of the leading companies that markets and advertises products on television commercials. AJ Khubani founder, president and CEO,  and his team search the world for new useful and inventive products that can help consumers save time, save money and find effective solutions to everyday problems and challenges.

Check out these very popular and current products from Telebrands.

Aluma Wallet – Telebrands
The fashion trendy aluminum wallet. The Aluma Wallet is the best way to replace your current bulky and disorganized wallet that your currently use. Having your cards organized can make your life simpler. Find that credit card you want with ease. Accordion design aluma wallet.

Bottle Tops – Telebrands
Bottle Tops are a amazing invention that everyone should have! Turn your can drinks into bottle top drinks! Get up to 12 bottle tops! There are dozens of can openers now with Bottle Tops there are can closers! Imagine turning your favorite canned drink into your favorite bottled drink.

Chef Basket – Telebrands
As Seen On TV The chef basket is a 12 in 1 kitchen gadget that is selling like hotcakes. This is a very hot as seen on tv product and very practical. The chefbasket will make kitchen chores much easier.

Comfy Control Harness – Telebrands
The comfy control harness combines comfort with control. The new harness for dog owners. You should like this pet product much better than your traditional dog collar. It is lightweight and puts less pressure around your dogs neck to help prevent choking. The world’s most comfortable dog harness.

EZ Combs – Telebrands
EZ Combs create striking new hairstyles instantly. EZ Combs work on any hair type including thin, thick, short, curly or straight. With EZ Combs create dozens of hairstyles instantly. Perfect for any occasion works on all hair types. Stretchable Double Combs. Create Dozens of Dazzling Hairstyles Instantly!

Jupiter Jack – Telebrands
Jupiter Jack Talk and Drive Hands Free and Safe! Jupiter Jack Buy 1 Get 1 Free No Plugs. No Wires. No Hands! Works With Any Phone In Any Car. Compact And Portable! Transmits Quality Sound Through The Speakers In Your Car. Watch Billy Mays drive a car and use Jupiter Jack!

Orgreenic – Telebrands – Get a Free Chef Basket with Order
Non Stick Frying Pan Natural Ceramic Non-Stick Cookware! 9″ Frying Pan Orgreenic Kitchenware Get healthy with natural ceramic non-stick cookware. It’s super non-stick surface is a patented natural ceramic material that requires little or no oil, butter or grease to cook your food just right. No more stuck food or chipping and peeling.

PedEgg – Telebrands
The Ultimate Foot File PedEgg Buy1 Get 1 Free As Seen On TV Treat your feet to spa quality foot repair anywhere with ped egg. PedEggs Polishing Pads Miracle Foot Repair Cream —the #1 selling foot cream in America Over 135 Precision Micro-Files Ergonomic Design Works Anywhere Gentle & Easy to Use Self-Contained—No Mess Reveals Smooth, Healthy Skin Now you can make your feet feel smooth and healthy with NO MESS!

RoboStir – Telebrands
The robo stir automatically stirs your food as it cooks. This is great for sauces, soups, puddings and much more. The RoboStir is the new clever way to make kitchen work quick and easy.

Shoes Under – Telebrands
The ultimate solution to organize and protect your shoes. Shoes Under As Seen On TV! Shoes Under stores twelve pairs of shoes under your bed, saving you valuable closet space. Now you can keep your closets free of shoe clutter when you store your shoes in Shoes Under.

Slice O Matic – Telebrands
With slice-o-matic you can cut your prep time in half. Slice those veggies quicker and easier with the new sliceomatic. The slice-o-matic veggie slicer will make preparing salads easier.

Supreme 90 Day – Telebrands
Build Muscle – Burn Fat Supreme 90 Day employs the power of muscle confusion to accelerate results. Each routine brings on muscle shocking moves, so your body stays challenged, so you keep getting stronger!

Slim Away – Telebrands
Weight Loss Belt Slim Away waist belt can help you to melt the inches away. You can wear this slimming belt and no one will know you are wearing it. Slim away is so comfortable you will forget you are wearing it.

Telebrands Direct Response Television – Infomercials

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