Abs Kruncher is The Ultimate Ab Machine

As Seen On TV The Kruncher – The Ultimate Ab Machine

The Kruncher is the ultimate ab machine that burns calories and builds lean muscle in just 5 minutes a day. Get 2 times the benefit of a normal sit up.

The Sarge,  Lee Reherman endorses the Kruncher!

With The Kruncher you can burn calories and build lean muscles in just 5 minutes a day. Real people getting real results. Get a total body workout in just minutes. Work your upper abs, lower abs, hip flexors and obliques. Get twice the benefit of a normal sit up! The one stop fat kruncher you can use virtually anywhere.

Why do the boring traditional sit ups to get firm, toned abs when you can get the abs you want easier with the Kruncher. The Kruncher can give you real results. It is ideal for beginners to trained athletes and can be used by males and females. It comes fully assembled. Workout from a seated more comfortable position than on the floor. You can workout with The Kruncher position on a couch or chair.

the kruncher abs machine

Get a Total Body Work Out Just 5 Minutes a Day!

The Kruncher Abs Crunch Machine has 3 Levels of Resistance

Easily crank up to sculpt definition in to those lower abs, upper abs, even hip flexors and lower back.

The three levels of resistance allows you to either choose to perform certain exercise sets for a faster abdominal burn with fewer reps, or a challenging cardiovascular workout with more reps. The Kruncher® basic exercises can be found in this Manual & be sure to watch the The Kruncher® Exercise Instructional DVD.

The Kruncher
Nylon Kruncher Take Anywhere Carrying Bag
Users Guide & Core Exercises
The Ultimate 5 Minute Ab Workout DVD
Krunch Away the Pounds! Healthy Meal Guide
Fitness Ain’t Brain Surgery Fitness Book
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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