The Electronic Waving Flag Plays 2 Patriotic Songs

The Waving Flag – Just Press and Play


The Waving Flag – Honor America Everyday

Happily show The Waving Flag and also honor America day-to-day in your home or office. The cherished American flag is the most acknowledged symbol of liberty, justice and the quest of happiness. The Waving Flag stands for the worths we hold spiritual. The Waving Flag is the only desktop flag that constantly waves happily and perfectly at the touch of a button, as well as plays 2 patriotic tunes.

This precious American flag is one of the most identified sign of freedom, justice as well as the pursuit of joy! The waving flag stands for the values we hold spiritual. Proudly display The Waving Flag in your home or office.

What are the great features of the Waving Flag? The Wave Flag stand about 14 inches high and consists of this two- ply durable cotton blend. The flag stands size is 4.5″ x 7″ and proudly made in the USA. It has it’s own stand and also flagpole. You activate the flag with just a touch of the button. Another super cool feature is that it plays two nationalistic songs. The songs you will here are My Country’t is of Thee as well as The Star Spangled Banner. You have the ability to mute the sound or listen to it from two levels.

The Waving Flag for Your Desktop

So just how did the American Flag come about?

The American flag is a combination of thirteen straight stripes, in alternatively seven red and 6 white lines. Complete thirteen colonies and also fifty states are authorizing from the red stripes and also the stars. The shades of the flag are Red, White and also Blue. Red represents Hardiness as well as Valor, White outlines Purity and peace and Blue signifies listening, resolution and Justice.

The Waving Flag is the only desktop flag that constantly waves happily as well as completely at the touch of a switch, and also plays 2 nationalistic tunes!

Happily present the waving flag in your home or workplace, at the touch of a button as well as hear 2 patriotic songs: The Star Spangled Banner and also My Country’t is of Thee!

The Star Spangled Banner.

Just before her popular rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner” at Super Bowl XXV in 1991, Whitney Houston sang the national anthem several times in sporting activities events, as well as at other venues.

My Country’t is of Thee.

“My Country, ‘T is of Thee”, is also called “America”, it is a nationalistic tune. The lyrics were created by Samuel Francis Smith. Did you know the tune utilized is the same as that of the national anthem of the United Kingdom?

The Waving Flag has Realistic Waving Action!

Honor America everyday and happily reveal your Patriotism with The Wave Flag!

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