Tomato Tree Giant Supersize Tomatoes

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Tomato giant tomato tree as seen on tv.  Supersize your tomatoes. Tomatoes come in presided professional nurseryman starter pots. Juicy, red, ripe jumbo tomatoes.

The tomato giant trees should produce up to 180 pounds of super size tomatoes for less than a penny a piece. The Tree Tomato giant yields baskets of juicy red vine ripened tomatoes as big as grapefruits, weighing up to 2 pounds each and every week from summer until frost. This lush 8 foot Tree Tomato is a virtual tomato factory with a new crop of farm fresh tomatoes each and every week.

Produce up to 180 lbs. of Supersize Tomatoes for less than a penny a piece!

Zooms to an Amazing 8 Feet or Even Taller in just 90 days!

Grow tomatoes as big as grapefruits – up to 2 lbs. each!

Grow your own giant tomatoes with tomato giant. Think of the foods you can cook with these awesome tomatoes. Make an awesome tomato paste gravy. Put them on pizza, in sandwiches and in salads.

It’s a Virtual Tomato Factory with a new crop of farm fresh tomatoes each and every week! With tomato giant grow juicy, farm-fresh tomatoes at home! Grow bushels of tomatoes the size of grapefruits!

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