Total Gym GTS Professional Home Elite Gym

Total Gym GTS Provides a Full Body Workout

Total Gym GTS

The Total Gym GTS new exercise equipment provides a total body, that is very intense workout in just about 30 minutes without the use of using any other additional accessories. It is very easy and quick to transitions between different exercises so that it provides a very fast-paced strength and cardio workout. It delivers eye popping body-shaping results. It is a commercial grade gym for your home. Total Gym GTS is also a award-winning piece equipment anchored for gravity. It is a time-efficient, personal training, group fitness and Pilates program that is generating variety and excitement in commercial buildings around the world.

Total Gym GTS works by recreating and strengthening how your body stores and delivers daily physical activities and those functions in your own muscle memory. The home gym delivers just the right optimal functional fitness training experience, Total Gym GTS can work many muscle groups together that challenge core stabilizers and  proprioception. Does this by incorporating unrestricted range of motion and multi-plane movement in close to every exercise. This allows you to train more efficiently and productively. The awesome result is total body conditioning though the fitness continuum from early post-injury to high performance training.

Total Gym is the home gym that is also its very own Pilates Studio!

The incline plane was designed with a incremental calibrated load adjustment,  dynamic arm cable, and rolling glideboard system makes it easy to begin at your owns ability level, and allows the fitness specialist to create goal specific training.

Get outstanding results at just about every entry level, from the beginning exerciser to the elite fitness athlete, Total Gym usually serves more than twenty-four million customers every year with excellence in functionality and product design. The Total Gym brand is trusted to return desired results.

Total Gyms use a sliding seat platform and an a adjustable bench that can increase resistance based on your own body weight. It allows you to incorporate more strength training exercises into your workout.

A Total Gym fitness workout routine allows you to exercise just about every part of your body. This piece of exercise equipment incorporates the use of your own body weight for much resistance. Total Gym fitness machine have been around for a long time. It’s infomercials spokes person usually features Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley. Within the Total Gym lineup of products, there are several different models with wide ranging prices. The Total Gym GTS is a new home elite model. A very powerful exercise machine that is sure to help you reach your fitness goals!

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