As Seen on TV Kids Toys

We are an as seen on TV website that carries a huge array of goods. Our as seen on TV products store features many items, such as as seen on TV kids toys that your children will love!

Have you ever seen a TV commercial for an incredible item, but neglected to buy it for some reason? If so, we want to help you locate it. We offer our customers a wide range of product choices on our as seen on TV website. You are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in our as seen on TV products store. Some of our bestselling items are as seen on TV kids toys. We strive to offer all of the most popular items for boys and girls. Your sons and daughters, granddaughters and grandsons, or nieces and nephews are sure to love any of the as seen on TV kids toys you buy for them!

Teddy Tank Stuffed Animal Fish Tank

Teddy Tank

Click Here to Visit the Official Teddy Tank Website

Teddy Tank is a stuffed animal on the outside and inside it’s tummy you can add live fish in the colorful tank made of plastic. Of course the tank is made of shatterproof plastic.

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Airman RC Airplane with Real Flying Remote Controls

airman airplane

Learn More About the Airman Super Hero That Can Reach Heights of 200 Feet!
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s airman. This fun toy kids of all ages are sure to love comes in radical red, bombastic blue, outrageous orange and electric yellow. The transmitter can be programmed for up to 16 different channels so you can fly multiple airmen at once! You can perform turns on a dime, insane dives and breathtaking climbs.

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HideAway Pets Open Up to Play, Curl Up to Hide Away

HideAway Pets As Seen On TV

Click for a Special for Hideaway Pets Today!

Hideaway Pet has a magical surprise and the adventure starts every time you look in their eyes. Hide-A-Way Pets open up for you to play, then they curl up to hide away.

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Bedtime Buddies Bedtime Story Stuffed Animal

Bedtime Buddies As Seen On TV

Click Here to Visit Official Site of the Bedtime Buddies STuffed Animal that Tells Stories!

Bedtime Buddies just squeeze the arm and the stuffed animal tells a bed story, rhyme or song. Collect all three Penelope the Princess, Pierce the Pirate, and Sir Nathan the Knight!

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Thermal Aid Zoo | Huggable Cooling & Heating Packs

thermal aid zoo animals

Where Can I Buy Thermal Aid Zoo Huggable Packs?
Thermal Aid Zoo Characters are huggable heating and cooling packs shaped like stuffed animals for children to help soothe aches and pains.

Choose from seven different animals The Baxter Bunny, The Happy Hippo, The Tiny Elephant, The Ollie Koala, The Buckley Bear, The Jo Jo Monkey and The Bella Bear.

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Seat Pets Stuffed Animal Seat Belt Cover for Kids

seat pets buckle up

Your Kids Can Buckle Up and Cuddle Up with Seat Pets Seat Belt Cover for Only $19.99 & Get a Bonus Backstrap Free!
These cute new seat pets are going to be enjoyable for little ones when riding in a vehicle. The brand-new seat pets were invented by a dad. They are simply one of the very best and most comfy methods to relax your child’s head throughout a lengthy trip, and they virtually feel like and appear like the cushion pets.

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Phantom Saucer Magic UFO Saucer Toy


Buy 1 Phantom Saucer and Get 1 Free! Click Here!

The Phantom Saucer Magic UFO Toy fools the eyes and dazzles the senses, with the illusion flying in mid air and of hovering. The Phantom Saucer is more than just a ufo toy, it’s perfect for magicians of all ages.

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Infinity Lights Puzzle Pieces Create Hanging Light Fixtures

infinity light art

Learn More About Infinity Lights Customizable Puzzle Light Art
With the Infinty Lights Puzzle pieces create wonderful vibrant one of a kind light art. Infinity Lights are the very fast, fun and easy lights you can make yourself.

Create fifteen different shapes which include a stoplight, double barrel, fish, firecracker, gum drop, diamond, pear, tear drop, fun shape, mini oval, bigger diamond, cube, seashell, icicle or sphere. The colors you can create with are red, orange, rainbow, dark blue, purple, green, yellow, white, blue and pink

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Flashlight Friends Plush Stuffed Animal and Flashlight

flashlight friends as seen on tv

Flashlight Friends Stuffed Animals Light Lasts for Hundred of Hours, Order One Today for only $19.99!
Flashlight Friends are soft stuffed animals and flashlight all in one for children! Each soft pet Flashlight Friend has an installed tap flashlight. Perfect for sleepovers, storytime, riding in the car and much more! Flashlight Friends are soft stuffed animals and flashlight all in one for children! Each soft pet Flashlight Friend has an installed tap flashlight. Perfect for sleepovers, storytime, riding in the car and much more!

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Tummy Stuffers Plush Storage Organizer for Kids

tummy stuffers plush toy

When Ordering Today, You’ll Receive One Tummy Stuffer Character for Only $19.99 & Receive a Matching Mini Tummy Stuffer for FREE!
(This offer is not available in stores!)
Tummy Stuffers is the fun way for your kids to put their stuff away. They can stuff their belongings inside the monkey, ladybug, dog, unicorn, gator, and kitty. The Tummy Stuffer is also perfect for nap time and bedtime. Your child can have their pillow, blanket and story time book stores inside their plush pal.

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