Trillion Dollar Coin – 2013 Trillion Dollar Proof

Trillion Dollar Coin –  2013 Statue of Liberty and American Eagle

This beautiful exquisite tribute coin features the Statue of Liberty on the front and the majestic American Eagle on the reverse. It bears the incredible designation of 1 trillion dollars it is one of the most distinctive coin tributes ever produced. Think about that one trillion dollars! Each Trillion Dollar Tribute Proof comes with a certificate of authenticity attesting to it’s uniqueness and the United States Treasury’s lawful right to mint a trillion dollar coin.

A Trillion Dollar coin could be a perfect solution to America’s debt crisis. What a cool coin. People may plan on buying and carrying around for luck, hoping for their own special fortune. There minds may wonder what would they do if they actually had a trillion dollars. What a fun coin to have in your possession or to give as a gift. Perfect coin to give that person that is an avid coin collector. They are sure to love adding this very special coin to their collection.

The Trillion Dollar Coin was featured on Wall Street Journal and The New York Times.

Top Features of The Trillion Dollar Coin

  • Hailed by economic experts as”The perfect solution to America’s debt crisis”
  • Authorized by an act of Congress
  • Large! 39 millimeters in diameter
  • Money-back guarantee




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