True Ceramic Pro Hair Styler Straight Hair

True Ceramic Pro Hair Straightener and Styler


The True Ceramic Pro combines dual sided baked ceramic plates with solid ceramic heaters that work together to create consistent infrared heat that straightens and curls at the molecular level.

TrueCeramicPro is the multi-functional styler you’ve been waiting for! This incredible, new Infrared Ionic Styler straightens, curls, flips and more! Unlike cheap imitation irons, the moist ceramic heat of the True Ceramic Pro keeps your hair healthy and hydrated, locking in moisture and adding shine.

Negative ions are emitted to seal the hair cuticle locking in the color, moisture and shine.

With the  TV Infomercial Hair Straightener  you can easily straighten even the most coarse, stubborn hair in minutes with no chemicals or adds waves, curls and volume to hair that could never even hold a curl before!

Stop wasting your money on chemicals, clunky flat irons, curling irons, hot rollers and crazy gadgets that just fry your hair! The TrueCeramicPro features a solid ceramic heater and baked ceramic plates to create fast, consistent heat that keeps your hair healthy day after day. The negative ions then seal the hair cuticle which locks in the moisture, color and shine!

True Ceramic Pro Unavailable

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What do you use to straighten or style your hair? Post about it here. Post your reviews on The TrueCeramicPro.


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  1. imho Instyler Hair Styler is just as good as Ceramic Pro Hair Styler. Instyler doesn’t fry your hair. It doesn’t frizz it either. Oh yeah. Ceramic Pro Hair Styler straightens, curls, flips and more. But Istyler can do the same thing. And I don’t say that just out of loyalty. Well Ok. I’ve had Instyler for awhile. And really I’ve never bought the Ceramic Pro Hair Styler before. But some of my girl friends have. They like it. But when we compare our tools they’re about evenly matched. You can buy the Ceramic Pro Hair Styler if that’s all you see. But if you see the Ceramic Pro Hair Styler and the Instyler Hair Styler–you shold know they’re both about as good as each other. So you can choose based on who has the best sale that day.

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