Turbo Roaster Cook In Half the Time with Vapor Infusion

Turbo Roaster Cooks Your Holiday Bird in Half the Time

The Turbo Roaster cooks meat in half of the time. Imagine cooking a chicken in about 45 minutes! The Roaster cooks tender, moist and juicy meats.

It simultaneously cooks the inside and outside of your meat, thus cutting your cook time in half. Never worry about making another dry chicken or turkey again.

The Turbo Roaster cooks moist, juicy, tender turkeys and chickens in half the normal time! Cook a six pound chicken in 45 minutes! Cook a twenty-five pound turkey in just about 2 hours even if stuffed! Uses a patented vapor infusion system that delivers heat and moisture to cook chickens and turkeys in half the time. Enjoy the juiciest, most tender poultry you have ever eaten!

Chef Tony's Turbo Roaster

This is the new quick way to roast chicken and other poultry meats that comes out tender and juicy. It is as easy as 1, 2, 3

So how do you use the Turbo Roaster?
You add liquid, place the turbo tube in your chicken and then place in oven and roast.

Chicken and turkey are very popular choices when it comes to eating healthier. Roast your chicken and have it for dinner. Or cut up the roasted chicken and make chicken salad. You could also use the chicken to make your own homemade chicken noodle soup. Of course chicken meat makes for some great sandwiches.

The As Seen on TV Turbo Roaster would be perfect for Thanksgiving and other holiday turkeys! It delivers heat and moisture to the inside. The TurboRoaster has been featured on the Today Show.

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