Ultimate Detangler Brush by Michel Mercier

Michel Mercier’s Created the Ultimate Detangling Brush

This revolutionary detangling hair brush can reduce breakage and hair loss.

Michel Mercier an international hair designer presents the revolutionary Ultimate Detangling Brush. This hair brush was designed to very gently detangle your hair in a matter of seconds! It is Unlike ordinary brushes that only have a few contact points. The Michel Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush uses 428 different contact points all at the same time. This reduces pressure and detangling your hair with much fewer strokes. Since the bristles are perfectly placed they easily flow through your tangled hair like no other ordinary hair brush!

Ultimate Detangling Brush
When this brush by Michel Mercier was tested against other  ordinary hair brushes, the Ultimate Detangling Brush shows almost no resistance. easy smooth strokes and, pain-free detangling. The detangling brush reduced breakage and hair loss. So stop the tears and use this one brush to untangle hairs. Michel Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush is available in three different styles to be sure to match all types of hair.

Why does the Ultimate Detangling Brush work so well?

The Secret To This Innovative Brush Lies In The Unique Geometric Distribution Of Its 428 Bristles Of Varying Heights, Which Disperse The Pressure Placed On The Hair During Brushing. The Result Is Far More Pleasant Brushing Experience Due To Easier Detangling, Reduced Hair Loss And Breakage. Smoothly Massages The Scalp While Brushing Quick Detangling Pleasant Brushing Experience Works Great On Wet Or Dry Hair As Seen On Tv Made

The Ultimate Detangling hair brush gently and smoothly detangles hair pain free. It uses reduced pressure and uses fewer strokes. # styles and colors to choose from. Blue for thicker hair, green for normal hair and pink for fine hair.

Using this brush is an easier way to gently get the tangles out. No need to spend lots of money on expensive shampoos and conditioners.

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Michel Mercier’s Ultimate Detangling Brush



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