Vidalia Chop Wizard Portable Manual Food Chopper

Vidalia Chop Wizard

The Vidalia Chop Wizard is great for chopping vegetables, fruits and cheeses. Whip up some egg salad, salsa, fruit salad or even chopped mix veggies. The blade is ultra sharp made of stainless steel and precisely and quickly make perfect cuts every time.

Vidalia Chop Wizard

The Vidalia Chop Wizard is the fastest, best, as well as most convenient means to chop or dice vegetables and fruits. Simply put the item on top of the stainless-steel blade grate as well as with one swift motion, swing the cover down.

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Vidalia Chop Wizard is among the fastest, most convenient method to chop or dice foods. The Chop Wizard which has actually been seen on TV is the best way to chop veggies, cheese, fruit and even more food products. Chop peppers, mushroom, zucchini or carrots to prepare a delicious dish in minutes.

The enhanced cover and also long lasting stainless steel blades take the problem and mess out of chopping and also dicing. The catch container also functions as a determining food storage bin. It is the functional, time-saving kitchen device you’ll intend to utilize repeatedly. Consistent results whenever. Non-skid feet. Easy to clean. Choppers take the headache from cutting and also dicing, saving you tons of time!

Food choppers are generally little sized kitchen area appliances that are made use of to chop, mince and dice foods. Food choppers are generally readily available in 2 kinds of setups. First we can discover the manually run choppers that have sharp blades that chop the food with an up down type motion like the Chop Wizard. There are also electrical choppers that reduces the food with a rotating movement of the blades. The smaller manual size of a food chopper makes it handier for regular use as compared to an electric mixer.

The Vidalia Chop Wizard

Unlike in the past when people had to be very cautious while cutting and chopping foods when using sharp knives. Now the development of hands-on food chopper can be a lot safer and quicker. Safe as well as with well-built blade systems that cut different kinds of fruits and also or vegetables, they are best for day-to-day use. When preparing food for little to medium-sized family members, their self-contained styles decreases spills and clean up time.

Pressed for time? Want to whip together a nice meal for your family? Prepping veggies is a breeze with the Vidalia Chop Wizard portable chopper. It’s furnished with 2 blades that allow you chop or dice onions, veggies, and even cheese, in one swift movement!

This food chopper’s blade is made from a stainless steel blade construction and is dishwasher safe. When using properly it is easy and safe to use. Guess what? It received a 5 star rating from Good Housekeeping! So save a lot of prep time in the kitchen and order your chopper today!

Buy Chop Wizard Food Chopper

Order Your Vidalia Chop Wizard + Recieve a FREE BONUS Fine Dicer Blade!



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