What Odor Eliminates Odors

What Odor?

What Odor doesn’t mask the odor it gets rid of it. Billy Mays talked about this product on his hit show”Pitchmen”. In the infomercial Billy and Anthony Sullivan made there is a skunk involved.

What Odor Billy Mays

What Odor? Eliminates pet odors!
Non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets!
Use it on sofa, laundry hampers, sports equipment!
Eliminates the smell of smoke on clothes, drapes, carpet and even cars!
Works on cooking odors like fried fish and seafood!
Eliminates embarrassing odors in the bathroom with one spray!
Eliminates smelly garbage can odors and a pail of dirty diapers!
Strong enough to get rid of the stinkiest smell of all – Skunk!
100% Biodegradable!



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  1. Harry Deloy says:

    I’m so happy I just got my what odor this week and it greatly exceded my already sky high expectations. My garage has smelled like oil for years, but not after What Odor?!?!?!?!

  2. Margret Martinez says:

    I honestly can’t get over how great this product is my son is a life guard, and he said some lady had What Odor? at the pool and it worked great. We have tons of animals so I purchased it mainly fot them because it is non-toxic, but I use it on everything

  3. Charles says:

    Wow this is too sad. I love watching Billy work his magic on the screen. Guess Pitchmen is canceled now? :(

  4. The Shopkeeper says:

    What Odor is no joke, this stuff works just like it says it does. Billy and Sully sure can pick em.

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