Whiptide Flexible Caster Board for Street Boarding

Whiptide Dual Deck Carving Longboard

Whiptide has a unique design and features dual decks and has four pro-style wheels to give you maximum stability and control.

Whiptide carving board has the motion of surfing, skating and snowboarding. It has four wheels, is flexible and it has dual decks. It is a longboard. Hop on the dual decks, carve and go. You can even go uphill easily.

This uniquely designed flexible carve board has two twin pivoting decks and comes with four inline wheels which allows for the rider to propel themselves easily and even perform tight maneuvers.

Whiptide Caster Boards may just very well be the only street carving surfboard that comes with a flexible neck which has been design to be lightweight, it has 360-degree pivoting aluminum trucks. Because of this you can create a snowboard like carving motion, which allows you to make smoother and sharper turns than you could possible do with any other board.

What are some great features of the all new Whiptide Caster Borads?

It combine snow surfing and also skiing motions skill sets in one awesome dual deck board. The dual decks are made from ABS plastic which is just about indestructible.

As Seen On TV Whiptide – The Hottest Technology in Street Boarding

The WhipTide Dual Deck Carve Board has been advertised on television with Anthony Sullivan. The tv ads mentions this to be one of the hottest and newest technology in street boarding that gives you maximum stability and control. So simple to use you just carve and go. Just like you are on a real surfboard or snowboard riding the waves or surfing down the snow hills and mounds..

Flexible Whiptide

Riding the Whiptide is like a combination of surfing, snowboarding, and skating, although it’s more flexible than a longboard and more durable than other street surfboards. The decks are larger than the typical street surfboard, giving you better stability, and are made from practically indestructible ABS plastic. The grip tape gives you perfect hold, plus the spiked traction zones give you great foot control.

Todays Caster boards are are highly engineered sports equipment that will challenge a riders endurance, skill and  athleticism. Once mastered, the rider will not want to go back to using an old ordinary skateboard.

What are Ripsticks?

They are caster boards that at first glance appear to be similar to skateboards. Actually they are very different from skateboards. Using one can take a particular skill that is unlike the skill needed to skateboard. Ripstiks are caster boards and are propelled by a twisting motion, and doesn’t require you to take your feet off the board. The Whiptide makes it easier even for the beginner caster board rider.The beginners ride is very easy and almost effortless thanks to this flexible uniquely design caster board.

Your friends are sure to be impressed with the way you maneuverer abut on your WhipTide. It is the coolest carve board from Hearthware Home Products.

So now do you understand why Whiptide is the hottest technology in street boarding? It is perfect for all people of ages, from kids to adults. The effortless movement makes the ride smoother than you could do on any other board.

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