X-Out Acne Treatment System

XOut Fights Acne

X Out is only 1 step to clear skin, it’s new from the makers of Proactiv. The X out application washes medicine deep into the pores. The wash-in treatment has a prescription grade acne medicine that gets pulled deep into the pores and stays behind to stop and kill breakout causing bacteria on contact, even after you wash.

It’s an extra-strength anti-microbial. Which really means it blasts out acne bacteria. It’s part of what makes it so easy and effective–it keeps working so you don’t have to.

School, hobbies, dating, the internets—the makers of Proactiv get teens busy lifestyle. So they created this one step acne fighting solution, a complex teen acne treatment. X Out should fit their crazy busy life by doing the zit fighting they need in 1 simple step.

X Out the new acne treatment that works on teenagers busy schedules. It does all the zit fighting they need in just 1 simple step.

Buy X-Out

Take control of your acne in just 1 step with X Out®, from the makers of Proactiv®. Now with FREE SHIPPING + FREE GIFT with purchase! Try it now.


  • Dealing With Acne Scars Made Easier
    YouTube star and beauty guru Michelle Phan is passionate about making women feel and look their best, and she always has a trick or two up her sleeve.
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