XHose Pro Expanding Blue Garden Hose by Dap

XHose and Xhose Pro As Seen On TV Garden Hose

The XHose is the world’s first and only expandable hose.

The X-Hose the incredible expanding blue hose, not sold in stores. It is super strong and durable but at the same time ultra lightweight.

It will not twist, tangle or even kink. It automatically, very easily expands up to 3 times its size when the water is turned on and goes through it. It’s like a magic trick. Once water is turned off it automatically contracts back in just seconds.

This is one amazing hose. Made with 2 layers and has super strong webbing. The XHose unique 2-in-2 design features a tough rubber inner hose covered in durable, super strong webbing. It stays strong in all types of weather.

25′ Expandable XHOSE
50′ Expandable XHOSE
75′ Expandable XHOSE – Combo Kit includes (1) 25′ and (1) 50′ XHOSE
100′ Expandable XHOSE – Combo Kit includes (2) 50′ XHOSES

The revolutionary XHose by Dap features an all new, exclusive design and is unlike any garden hose you have seen. It’s a pocket hose, that’s right it can fit in your pocket!

Fixing garden hoses doesn’t have to be costly.

Lots of individuals every year throw away their garden hoses due to the fact that the have a crack or at times completions of the hose come to be over or oblong in form inducing the hose pipe attachments not to operate correctly.

What many people do not know is that there are simple means to fix your yard hose  for a few bucks. If you have a bad end of the yard hose pipe you can get a substitute end that is easily set up by merely cutting the hose pipe and fastened the brand-new end on the hose pipe, and then you will secure the clamp. You will then have actually a fixed end to your garden hose.

XHose Pro

Xhose Pro As Seen On TV

The Xhose Pro is super strong and durable, but still ultra light. It comes with solid brass fittings, a wider diameter and more powerful spray and made from even strong material than the origional Xhose. The Xhose Pro comes in three size, 25 ft., 50 ft. and 75 ft.

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