Xpress Redi Set Go Grill

Xpress Redi Set Go
xpress redi set go

Redi-Set-Go is the versatile handy indoor electric grill that lets you cook
great meals fast!

Get ready for grill and oven quality food in microwave time with the new Xpress
Redi-Set-Go cooker.
Express cooking is even easier than it was with the original GT Xpress indoor
electric grill!

Cathy Mitchell’s new red grill the redi set go!

Xpress Redi-Set-Go

After years of development Cathy Mitchell perfected the
Xpress Redi-Set-Go indoor electric grill. It comes complete with a built-in timer, on/off switch
and is compact for easy storage. The grill has dual heating elements to cut
cooking time in half! But best of all the easily removable non-stick Food Pans
make every meal perfect and clean up’s a breeze.

Fresh piping hot personal pizzas in just 8 minutes. Fancy gourmet meals for two
in under 15 minutes. Delicious crusty filled pies for the whole family in just
10 minutes … right from your countertop with an appliance no larger than a

The most versatile kitchen appliance ever!

Non-stick Surface means no extra fat from oils
Removable Pans make cleanup a breeze
Dual Cooking Technology heats food from the top and bottom to cut cooking time
in half
Makes Hundreds of Delicious Meals many in 7 minutes or less
Save Energy and Dollars by cooking on your countertop and avoiding the
conventional oven – see how
Comes Complete including over 60 great meal ideas, Cathy’s cooking tips and the
accessories you need to make cooking a breeze. See the complete package for full

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