Yoshi Blade Razor Sharp Knife As Seen On TV

Yoshi Blade

Yoshi Blade – Razor Sharp Ceramic Knife Introducing the razor-sharp, feather-light ceramic slicing knife. Unlike steel knife blades, YoshiBlade stay razor sharp. In fact, this space-age material is so hard that professional chefs use ceramic to sharpen their steel knives. Say goodbye to old fashioned steel knives. As a bonus you’ll get the Ceramic Potato Peeler.

Introducing the razor-sharp, feather-light YoshiBlade Chef Knife. Unlike steel knife blades, which ‘roll up’ along the cutting edge, ceramic knives like Yoshi Blade stay razor-sharp because they’re made of diamond-hard, stain-proof zirconium oxide. In fact, this space-age material is so hard that professional chefs actually use ceramic to sharpen their expensive steel knives! The YoshiBlade Chef Knife is rust- and stain-proof, easy to clean, and will not affect the taste or smell of food like steel knives.

The Yoshi Blade is the last knife you will ever need!

Say good-bye to old-fashioned steel knives! Ceramic rarely needs sharpening!
Made with razor-sharp, long-lasting, diamond-hard zirconium oxide!
Won’t affect food’s taste, plus rust and stain-proof!
Santoku design ideal for precision cutting and thin slicing
Made of natural eco-friendly ceramic materials that last long!

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