Zoomies High Powered Binocular Glasses

Zoomies As Seen On TV Hands Free Binoculars

Zoomies are the compact, high power binoculars you wear like sunglasses, making them hands complimentary binoculars.

zoomies binocular glasses

You are more than likely exhausted of struggling to see at concerts, sporting events, and seeing small print? Zoomies have binocular modern technology in micro vision lenses, permitting you to see what you’ve been missing out on and zoom in on the action or text. Appreciate 300% zoom and get rid of your hefty binoculars. Zoomies are the binoculars of the future. You wear them like glasses making them hands free!

Hunters, stargazers, bird watchers, hikers, tourists, sports fans can use binoculars. But at times they can be bulky and heavy to hold for long periods of time. Well with Zoomies you no longer have this problem. You wear the binoculars like glasses, brilliant!

Zoomies are great for bird watching, sporting events, concerts & even more
No need for bulky binoculars or carrying multiplying glasses
Provides 300% zoomed-in sight with turn of a dial
Compact and fits in pocket or clutch
Easy on, easy off sunshade lens built-in
Also terrific for reading, sewing, creates, watching TV, bird watching & much more

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