Zvelt Weight Loss Patch Increase Energy

Zvelt Weight Loss Patches

zvelt patches
(no longer available)

Revolutionary Transdermal Weight Loss Delivery System

Zvelt weight loss supplement patches help to decrease your appetite and increases your energy. The Zvelt patch is easy to use, safe and effective for both men and women.

Zvelt helps you lose weight!

The Zvelt® patch formulation consists of a delicate balance and blend of of active ingredients, all carefully selected for maximum efficacy and safety.

The patches are easy to use and lay flat. They can be hidden under clothing.

The Research and Development team has carefully selected a powerful group of all natural raw materials, each of which is proven to promote healthy weight management in its own special unique way. Formulating the ideal combination of these ingredients, and at the optimal ratio, has provided a dynamic, synergistic blend to work in concert to help you achieve your own personal weight loss goals. The research team has done the work to make things simple for you!

Gwen Goia reality series star, actress and model uses Zvelt.

What are some of the features of Zvelt?
It’s known to be safe for men and women
It helps you lose weight
Helps to decrease your appetite
Give you increased energy
And so easy to use, just peel and stick


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