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Kitty Cat Mat Toy Keeps Your Cat Entertained

Kitty Cat Mat
Kitty Cat Mat will make your cat have fun with, cuddle & really feel cherished when you're not home! This mat has 4 assorted action corners with strings and feathers for them to have fun with. There are even pouches to put catnip in. Kitty Cat Mat is crafted from fleece and even machine washable.

Get 2 Play Mats, 2 Catnip Pouches, and 2 Pet Hair Removers!

Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener Bring Old Knives Back to Life

bavarian edge knife shapener
The Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener has two separate spring-action sharpeners manufactured of super-sturdy tungsten carbide that flexes and conforms to any edge or perspective for the most appropriate, razor-sharp edge in an instant! And exclusively the Bavarian Edge can sharpen serrated knives.

The World's Best Knife Sharpeners, Bavarian Edge!
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