ConvecTop Cook Top Cover Cuts Cooking Time in Half

ConvecTop Pan Cover Cooks Evenly Seals in Flavor

convectop cook faster

The ConvecTop cook top cover captures heat wasted in traditional stovetop cooking. The food cooks more evenly and the natural juices help to keep food moist and delicious without absorbing extra fat or oil.

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ConvecTop’s unique design captures heat that can be wasted in traditional stovetop cooking. Cook food more evenly from all sides and seal in the flavor of your favorite foods with this pan cover.

convectop riser

ConvecTop is  Cooking Re-Invented Check out The Features and Benefits:

It has a unique design with venturi channels that can direct heat the airflow to cook evenly from all sides and seal in flavor of your dishes. Eliminates messy splatters in all your stovetop cooking.

With conventional pan covers the stove top burner heats from the bottom of the pan only this results in increased cooking times and results in wasted energy. With the ConvecTop Pan Cover the burner heat is catured and evenly distributed to cook the food more fully and efficiently.

What foods are great to cook using the ConvecTop Cover?

Here are just a few, cook juicy steaks, fish fillets, steamed, shellfish and corn, eggs, chicken and much more! It also works great on your outdoor grill. Grill delicious burgers, hot dogs, steak ribs and more.

Transform your stovetop into a convection oven. Great for breakfast, lunch or cooking an entire meal in one pan!

The ConvecTop is so easy to clean. It is made from solid cast aluminum with ceramic non-stick coating and of course it is dishwasher safe. It is great for cooking all your meals and more. The riser helps prevent burning and keeps you food out of the fat. The unique venturi vent draws burner heat upward. The handle cut-out ensures a compatible fit with most pans.



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