Nuwave PIC2 Induction Cooking Oven Portable Cooktop

Nuwave Induction PIC2 Cooktop

Nuwave Pic2 Special Offer

The Nuwave Induction Precision Cooktop PIC2 can grill, deep fry, steam, slow cook and much more.  It is the only portable cooktop that gives you precise temperature control with just a push of a button.

This high performance portable induction burner cooktop is versatile, energy efficient, cool to the touch, has a LCD display control panel and is very easy to clean.

Induction food preparation employs induction heating to straight warm a cooking surface, unlike making use of warmth move from electric coils or perhaps using gas as with a typical cooking cooktop. For nearly all designs of induction cooktop, a cooking vessel should be made from a captivating magnetic steel, or even put on an interface disk which makes it easy for non-induction pots and pans to become made use of on induction food preparation areas.

With the Nuwave Cooktop you can have an induction cooktop without paying a fortune. Once you try cooking with this induction cooktop you are sure to love it. Induction cooking makes cooking faster, safer and more eco-friendly! Induction cooking can replace your gas or electric range. The versatile countertop appliance is very easy to clean.

The Complete Precision Nuwave Cooktop Package:

It’s a rice cooker, a portable grill, a deep fryer, a slow cooker and a fondue maker!

Nuwave PIC cookbook
quick start cooking guide

Get a free 10 piece cookware set with purchase of the PIC2 – a $200 value!

9 inch perfect green omelet pan
10 inch perfect green sauce pan
3 1/2 quart saute pan
premium glass lid
steamer basket
fondue set
fondue forks

No more boil overs, burnt food and wasted money.

Nuwave Pic2 TV Offer

The Nuwave Induction Cooktop is so versatile. It can boil, simmer, deep-fry, stir-fry, sauté, steam and sear. It can be used as a slow cooker, to barbecue, melt and grill.

The induction cooktop is energy efficient it uses up to 90% less energy than a traditional gas stove or electric oven. All there is actually to learn about induction cooking, it is one of the most effective method globally for cooking, professionally or perhaps in the home.

Order Nuwave Induction Cooktop – 3 Easy Payments



Perfect Green Pan Set



Purchase these add-ons for as low as $10 towards your PIC NuWave Oven to get the most out of the infrared-cooking experience

Shop at the Official Nuwave On-line Store



Induction Cookware


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