Rockin Abs Pilates Exercise Machine

Rockin Abs

With rockin abs get results in 7 days guaranteed! Its your turn to have rocking hot abs.

Sizzling hot abdominals in just minutes a day!
Pinpoint isolation technology
Focused energy for upper, middle and lower abs
Coverts into the perfect pilots machine!

The rockin abs is easy to use and comfortable. Easy to handle and adjust! Pin-point technology for great results!

Rockin abs crunch is easy on your body, but more importantly it provides everyone the opportunity to do advanced moves like the rockin abs double crunch, jackknife and oblique twist. Its your turn to have rocking abs and get a great workout!

Eliminate pain and stress when you exercise!

With the rockin abs there is no more uncomfortable or impossible body positions! Now everyone, no matter what your age or fitness level, can get the ab flattening benefits of advanced abdominal moves like the jack knife, Rockin’ Abs double crunch and oblique twist.

You can feel and look great after using the rocking abs exercise equipment. It’s a 2-in-1 machine!

ROCKIN’ ABS® also converts into the perfect pilates machine. Lengthen and flatten your muscles for that long, lean dancers body without the pain or strain all in the comfort of your own home.

Advanced Technology

Pinpoint Isolation Technology is the ROCKIN’ ABS secret. Unlike traditional crunches, ROCKIN’ ABS lifts you off the floor comfortably supporting you from head to toe into the perfect ab training form.


Rockin Abs (currently unavailable)

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Abs Rocking and Twisting Exercise Machine


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